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Tynor Clavicle Brace With Buckle C 04

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Tynor Clavicle Brace With Buckle C 04

  • 4 stars
4 Ratings | 0 Reviews | Product Code: 9274
Brand: Tynor | Availability: Out of Stock

The Tynor Clavicle Brace with Buckle C-04 is an extremely well-designed health accessory that helps ease the pressure on the clavicle and accelerates its recovery, without putting undue pressure on the shoulders or other parts of the body, without causing underarm rashes and without losing its grip on the clavicle over time. It is armed with an Ethafoam buckle pad, which enhances the patient's comfort and rules out the possibility of injury from the buckle's friction with the patient's skin. These claw-style buckles are easy to fasten and easy to undo, and do not loosen their grip over the clavicle with time. The soft PU-foam padding makes the patient's recovery a much more comfortable and pleasant one.

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Medium 1 nos Rs. 212 Out Of Stock
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  • No loosening with time.
  • No abrasion, no rash.
  • Comfortable auxiliary padding.
  • Ensures protection from buckle injury.
  • Improves comfort of the patient.
  • Improves compliance of the product.
  • Ensures linear union of the clavicle bone.
  • Allows the required movement of the area with perfect immobilization of the clavicle bone.
  • Easy application and tightening of the product.
  • The braces are available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
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