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Valentine Special


A Complete Bath Set

Manufaktura Beer Nourish Bath Oil, Manufaktura Refreshing Lavender Thermal Slats Shower Gel, Manufaktura Moisturing Soap With Dead Sea Salt & Seawood, Manufaktura Moisturing Soap With Dead Sea Salt & Seawood, Manufaktura Beer Bath Salts, Aloe Veda Moisturising Hand Wash

MRP: Rs. 3955

Our Price: Rs. 3599

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For Him/Her Best Health

Organic India Tulsi Ginger, Organic India Tulsi Chai Masala, Organic India Tulsi

MRP: Rs. 460

Our Price: Rs. 425

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For your beautiful smelling sweet home

Aroma Treasures Vibgyor Kit

MRP: Rs. 1559

Our Price: Rs. 1268

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For Body Smoothening

Auravedic Body Smoothening & Toning kit

MRP: Rs. 950

Our Price: Rs. 779

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The Refreshment Kit

Auravedic Cool & Refresh Kit

MRP: Rs. 500

Our Price: Rs. 425

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For Her Face Care

Makari Caviar Clarifying Gel, Makari Caviar Face Whitening Cream, Makari Caviar Whitening Glycerin

MRP: Rs. 6200

Our Price: Rs. 5468

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For You and your Home

Manufaktura Original Home Spa, Soulflower Potpoutti Sandalwood

MRP: Rs. 2280

Our Price: Rs. 2045

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A Treatment Combo

Just Herbs Age Defying Wrinkle Treatment Kit, Just Herbs Pimple Treatment Kit, Just Herbs Blemish Treatment Kit

MRP: Rs. 3815

Our Price: Rs. 3249

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For Him/Her Glowing Face

Just Herbs Blemfree Antiblemish Cream, Just Herbs Herbal Nourishing Massage Cream, Just Herbs Af'fair Skin Ligtening Cream, Just Herbs Honey Facial Massage Gel, Just Herbs Sun Pro Sun Protective Cream, Just Herbs Party Face Antiwrinkle Cucumber Pack

MRP: Rs. 2405

Our Price: Rs. 1899

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For Skin Care

Aroma Treasures Tea Tree Face Wash, Aroma Treasures Sunscreen Lotion, Aroma Treasures Turmeric, Apricot Gentle Scrub, Aroma Treasures Golden Glow Cream

MRP: Rs. 1005

Our Price: Rs. 799

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For Her Beautiful Face

Lass Naturals Rose Water, Lass Naturals Anti-Aging Cream, Lass Naturals Anti-Acne Gel, Lass Naturals Under Eye Cream

MRP: Rs. 720

Our Price: Rs. 649

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For Her Beautiful Hair

Divo Doubled Face Mirror, Divo Asanti Cushion Brush, Denman Thermo Magic Rollers

MRP: Rs. 1335

Our Price: Rs. 1189

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For Home Facial

Aura Vedic Kit

MRP: Rs. 800

Our Price: Rs. 699

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For her lavish lips

Duo-Sided Hand Mirror, Retractable Lipliner Brush, Viviana Lipstick

MRP: Rs. 704

Our Price: Rs. 614

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Mom a small health care kit for me

Farlin Nasal Aspirator , Cotton Buds , Digital Thermometer , Safety Pins

MRP: Rs. 1080

Our Price: Rs. 920.08

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I want these soothers for my gum, this set also has a token for my mum

Auto Close Pacifier , 2 Cooling Gum Soother , Pulpy and Juicy Food Spoon Set , Milk Powder Container

MRP: Rs. 1145

Our Price: Rs. 999.66

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Mom for you to store and our token will never make us feel bore

2 Milk Powder Containers , Auto Close Pacifier , Silicone Spoon

MRP: Rs. 1005

Our Price: Rs. 899.31

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Refreshing kit for mom with hygiene care for baby

Complete Bath Set(Soulflower) , Farlin Safety Cotton Buds , Farlin Powder Puff , Farlin Nail Clipper

MRP: Rs. 1445

Our Price: Rs. 1288.65

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Interesting feeding set with cleaner

Farlin Feeding Set , Glass Feeding Bottle , Nipple Brush , Pacifier

MRP: Rs. 1090

Our Price: Rs. 875.54

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Mom I want this attractive set for me

Farlin Tableware Set , Farlin Water Bottle

MRP: Rs. 1070

Our Price: Rs. 899.29

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My Bottle cleaning set

Bottle Wash Refill , Slim Wasited Feeding Bottle , Bottle and Nipple Brush Set

MRP: Rs. 1015

Our Price: Rs. 895.45

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Mom give me a comfy sleep with fresh feel

Farlin Ice Pillow , Baby Refreshing Tonic , Baby Combo and Brush Set

MRP: Rs. 1200

Our Price: Rs. 996.29

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Soothing gum for me with body care for you mom

Farlin Pacifier HolderFarlin Cooling Gum Soother , Milk Powder Container , Aloe Vera Herbal Body Wash

MRP: Rs. 1005

Our Price: Rs. 825.78

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Bottle carrying and cleaning made easy for you mom

Farlin Bottle Holder(Single) , Farlin Feeding Bottle , Farlin Baby Feeding Bottle Wash(700ml) , Farlin Bottle and Nipple Brushes Set

MRP: Rs. 1295

Our Price: Rs. 1056.23

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Nice Feeding Set for me & Skin care for you mom

Farlin Anti Slip Feeding Set , Farlin Bottle Holder(Double) , Aroma Treasures Sunscreen Lotion SPF 20

MRP: Rs. 1325

Our Price: Rs. 1098.11

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Mom a caring kit for you

Auravedic Set (Pigmentation and Sun Spots Corrector) , Poutpourri , Farlin Washable Breast Pad (6pcs/pack)

MRP: Rs. 1425

Our Price: Rs. 1199.72

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Mom a handy kit for you

Farlin New Born Feeding Bottle , Training Spoon and Fork Set , Stretchy Pacifier , Cooling Gum Soother

MRP: Rs. 780

Our Price: Rs. 678.12

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A skin care with refreshing feel for you and a fresh sprinkle on me

Farlin Baby Powder , Aura Vedic Kit , SoulFlower PotPourri

MRP: Rs. 955

Our Price: Rs. 839.89

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Mom Pick this special pack for me

Farlin Ice Pillow , Farlin Digital Thermometer Flexible Tip , Comb and Brush Set

MRP: Rs. 1430

Our Price: Rs. 1187.35

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Travelling made easy for mom

Farlin Bottle Holder(1 Bottle) , New Born Feeding Bottle , Washable Breast Pad(6pcs/pack) , Silicone Spoon , Rubber Nipple

MRP: Rs. 950

Our Price: Rs. 845.23

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Mom get this attractive set for me and compact kit for you

Farlin Tableware Set , Farlin Water Bottle , Basicare Manicure Kit

MRP: Rs. 1470

Our Price: Rs. 1199.19

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Mom I want to look neat and tidy

Farlin Baby Wipes(100 pcs) , Farlin Nail Clipper , Farlin Safety Pins , Baby Comb and Brush Set , Safety Cotton Buds (60 pcs)

MRP: Rs. 1170

Our Price: Rs. 990

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Mom a feel good kit for you and refreshing token for me

Soulflower Bath Salth(Watermelon) , Soulflower Message Oil (Vanilla) , Soulflower Rosemary Lavender Shampoo Bar , Farlin Baby Refreshing Tonic , Farlin Wet Wipes

MRP: Rs. 1395

Our Price: Rs. 1195.23

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Mom Pamper yourself and get hair and ear care for me

Soulflower Rejuvenation Kit , Soulflower Potpourri , Farlin Cotton Ear Buds , Farlin Comb and Brush Set

MRP: Rs. 965

Our Price: Rs. 865.67

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Care for the baby +Benificial Cosmetic Tool for Mom

Bottle Holder (Double) , Milk Powder Container , Farlin Cotton Ear Buds , Farlin Cooling Gum Soother , Basicare Cosmetic Tool Kit

MRP: Rs. 1165

Our Price: Rs. 989.12

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Exotic Bath Set for Mom+Fresh care for Baby

Bath Set Soul Flower , Baby Wet Wipes , Powder Puff

MRP: Rs. 1435

Our Price: Rs. 1275.89

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